Fasting till 12 midnight

We wish you all a happy Sri Krishna Janmasthami celebration!

The Temple will be open for darshan from 12 noon to 12 midnight

When the Supreme Personality of Godhead comes to this Earth, He does so out of His mercy for all of us, who have forgotten our real treasure: our loving relationship with Him. Worldwide devotees spare no effort to give the Lord a royal reception on His appearance day, welcoming him with warm sincere feelings and presenting Him with all sorts of offerings: beautiful ceremonies, decorations, delicious food preparations, presents and lots of chanting and dancing.

Even in case someone is really not able to visit the temple personally, then can, according to the Nectar of Devotion, this be offered in the mind, when one has no means to physically offer such pomp. This is a powerful spiritual practice recommend to even the priests who physically execute such festivities.

Also, for accommodating those who cannot visit personally, many temples worldwide now have webcams, enabling them to witness the festivities offered to the Deities, often even via live stream.=

Krishna Janmastami is an opportunity to intensify our remembrance of the Lord and our permanent position: that of servant of Krishna. We may even a little more than usual feel part of Krishna’s circle of friends. When Gopa Kumar comes home to the spiritual world, after long wanderings in the material world, Krishna is so overjoyed that he loses consciousness and then embraces His dear friend for a long time, over and over again swooning overcome with emotion.

On such special days as Janmastami, we sometimes catch a glimpse of what true love is. Let us make full use of this opportunity to glorify Krishna with all our hearts, hear about Him and His appearance and reflect and contemplate on what we have heard. This will close the gap that has arisen in the course of many lives. We will then return home, back to God!


6 PM to 12 Midnight:

– Bhajans

– Kirtans

– Krishna Katha

– Bhoga offering to the Lord

– Swinging Gopal (Jhulan Yatra)

– Followed by Artika and taking Prasadam

Important notice:

Since the relaxation of Corona safety measures start on the 1st September, we still have to follow the present regulations.

To ensure your presence during this celebration we request you therefore to register your visit on

Mouth mask is obligated!

Registration deadline is Saturday 28th August

For Darshan only you do not need to register.

Hare Krishna,

Purusottama Tirtha dasa,

ISKCON Temple, Antwerp