Good news dear devotees,

 Lord Krishna is very kind because He always presents different ways for us to surrender to Him.
A nice opportunity is coming up with the month of Purushottama Adhik Mas. To help the lunar months coincide with the solar year, an extra month, called Purushottama Adhik Mas, is inserted every 30 months, every 2 1⁄2 years. Adhik means extra and mas means month. During Purushottama Adhik Mas various activities such as beginning new things or new enterprises etc. should be avoided.

The origin of Purushottama Adhik Mas is explained in the Padma Purana. Every month has a presiding deity, but Adhik Mas was rejected by all the deities: it was thought to be inauspicious because there is no sankranti during this month, meaning that the Sun does not enter any new sign. So originally it was known as Mal Mas (meaning wasted month). Feeling dejected by this, the personified Adhik Mas travelled to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha for advice. With heartfelt prayers she requested to be delivered from this inauspicious state. Lord Vishnu blessed her, and sent her to Goloka to meet Lord Krishna, who blessed her with the boon, “I bless you as My own month. Whatever good deeds are done during your reign will outshine works done during all the other months. Works done with devotion during Adhik Mas will amass such great fruits that even the doors to Goloka will open for the devotee. Among all months, you shall reign as the supreme and shall be known by My own name, Purushottama Mas. “The Lord then added, “I will forgive all the sins of those who perform penance in Purushottama Adhik Mas.”

Devotional service to be performed:

* Worship Lord Krishna by chanting His holy names: Japa, Kirtan.
* study of scripture, especially the 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, ‘Purushottama Yoga’
* Bathe in a holy river. (Alternatively we can put some drops of Mother Ganga or Yamuna Devi daily on our heads) * Giving in charity to temples, or doing some extra Seva, or whatever is needed to do in Lord Krishna’s service.
* No empty talk, criticism, or insult from anyone.
* Personal retrenchment, e.g. in our diet, etc. … Do what is possible for you, even a little. Important is to do that then for the entire month.

Purushottama Adhik Mas is known as Lord Krishna’s month, just as Kartika is Srimati Radharani’s month. Devotees look forward to passing this month in devotion to the Lord, because bhakti is the surest means to salvation in this terrible age of Kali-yuga. The days should be devoted to listening to Krishna katha. Those observing extra devotion, bhakti, during this month gain extra blessings from Lord Krishna, and their sins are washed away.

Dear devotees and friends, let us, therefore, do something extra for Sri Sri Radha and Krishna’s pleasure and add this to the devotional service which we already doing.
This month is confirmed by Guru, Shastra and Sadhu, to be the most glorious and auspicious month to perform Bhakti!

The glories of this Purusottama month are innumerable and are beyond conception.

Your servant, Purusottama Tirtha dasa