The supremely merciful Lord Nityananda has been glorified in beautiful verses by many a Vaisnava acarya. He appeared in the village Ekacakragram in Bengal to facilitate the sankirtan pastimes of Lord Caitanya. Service to Gauranga Mahaprabhu is his meditation in life. In order to be a good servant, one has to accept the mood of the master. Lord Nityananda excellently displayed that mood of Audarya, munificence. Not considering faults or disqualifications, He offers one and all the diamond of Krsna Prema. Jagai and Madhai were the personification of sinfulness, and even they received Lord Nityananda’s mercy. Mad in the ecstasy of serving the Golden Avatar (Lord Caitanya), Lord Nityananda figured: if I can liberated these two super sinners, then my Lord will truly be glorified. Thinking like this, He took great risks in his preaching, putting Himself in great danger.
This is the mood of a spiritual master and Lord Nityananda Balaram is the original spiritual master. The spiritual master, pure servant of the Lord, cannot bear the suffering of the conditioned souls due to having lost their connection with their source and the source of their happiness, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. So he does not spare any effort to try his best to reach out to whomever has an open spirit. Nityananda is always eager to encourage spiritual seekers. Bhaktivinoda Thakur writes (in Song of the Broker): if that merciful Lord only once sees a tear in someone who chants the holy name, He immediately gives all resources to that person. Yes, Lord Nityananda indeed sends a bona fide spiritual master onto the path of someone who has sincerely cried out the holy name of the Lord.
The loving pastimes of Lord Nityananda with Lord Caitanya and Advaita Acarya are beautifully described in Sri Caitanya Caritamrta. Their love for each other is deep as the ocean and hard to fathom. But very relishable to read. Lord Nityananda’s quality of not seeing faults (adosha-darshi) is particularly nice to meditate on. It is the formula for always being in touch with the hladini shakti, Krsna’s pleasure potency. Lord Nityananda is Premananda-sukhi, always floating in the ocean of love of God. Rupa Goswami in Nectar of Instruction verse 5 described a devotee of the highest caliber as one who is ‘completely free from the propensity to criticize others’. This is characteristic of advanced spiritual life. On the occasion of Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day we may pray to Him for the determination to follow His example and then we hopefully may become blessed with increased taste for the practice of devotional service, in particular for chanting the holy name, which Lord Nityananda was such an ambassador of !