Dear devotees and visitors, Hare Krishna!

Our temple in Antwerp is finally open again.
You are all most welcome!

This of course with due observance of the mandatory guidelines given by the medical authorities and our government regarding the Covid-19 virus for our common good and protection.
We ask everyone humbly to take the time to read this message carefully and completely!

In accordance with our risk assessment for everyone’s safety regarding Covid-19, we require all visitors to comply with the following:

  1. Everyone must bring and wear a face mask during the visit.
We disinfect our hands before entering the temple, for everyone’s safety. (Disinfectant gel is provided at the entrance for this.) Simply offer your obeisances to Krishna with folded palms, and do not touch the ground by making obeisances or dandavats etc.
  2. Wear socks, bare feet are for the time being not allowed in the temple.
  3. Maintain social distance by remaining in the designated seats.
Families can sit closer together and then jointly maintain the social distance from the others.
  4. If you experience or have experienced the following symptoms during the day of your visit or in the last 14 days before , you and your family should not come to the temple now;
    •   Fever, which means a temperature higher than 37.8 degrees Celsius.
    •   Cough, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, flu-like conditions, diarrhea.
  5. Is there someone in your home, or in your contacts, who has tested positive for Covid-19? If so, you and your family should stay at home and cannot come to the temple now!
  6. Send an email to if you want to come and if you come with your family, tell us with how many persons?

Since we have been imposed with restrictions on the number of visitors, you are most welcome if you have sent an email to register your visit and received a confirmation from us.
No confirmation from us by e-mail means that the maximum number of visitors have already been reached!

The time limit for that registration e-mail for you to send to us is until  the day prior to your visit, Saturday noon!

The temple will be open for darshan from 15:00u – 15:30u.  and from 17:00u- 17:30u

The program:

Lecture      – 15:30u – 16:30u

Arati           – 16:30u- 17:00u –

Prasadam  -17:00u (to take home)

This is not a normal situation and we understand that all of these guidelines can cause you discomfort, but let’s take on this challenge together. All this is meant for everyone to feel safe and peaceful in our temple.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Hare Krishna,

Your servants at the Hare Krishna temple in Antwerp.

Every Sunday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm you are invited for a cozy, spiritual afternoon with recitation from the Vedic scriptures, meditative music, and a vegetarian meal.