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Bus to Radhadesh 2018

Hare Krishna,

Dear devotees and friends
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Sunday 2 September is coming closer. Join us in this Janmashtami Festival in the Benelux in Radhadesh. On this particular day with lots of Cultural Festivals and ecstatic entertainment, free food, marketplace and last but not least the heart of the festival: seeing Sri Sri Radha Krishna and swinging Them on a swing are sure to give you a tangible spiritual boost. That all in a spiritual environment at the beautiful castle .... And the entrance is for free.

Can you image obtaining this only for 20 Euro per person (kids 10 euro) in a nice and comfortable bus with lots of nice devotees.

The bus will depart from our Temple, Gloriantlaan 34, 2050 Antwerp om 08.30, return ca. 21.00.

For now, if you still want to go with us, transfer 20 euro (kids under 14 y. 10 euro) per person as soon as possible to:

VZW Vedisch Cultureel Centrum Govinda

Gloriantlaan 34, 2050 Antwerpen Linker Oever

Tel : 00 32 3 2370037

Paribas-Fortis BE 19 2200 5654 8612 / BIC GEBABEBB

Your registration will be finalized only after payment!

Your servant, Mireille

E-Mail : mireille.dubois@telenet.be
Tel : 00 32 485 92 68 05

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